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Abstract Guide

Abstract registration
At least the corresponding author from each group of co-authors should register for the conference, a prerequisite to starting the submission process.
Abstract submission
The corresponding author should register by clicking on "Sign Up" in the left hand side menu.  After finishing the initial sign-up and signing in,the user should click on "My Abstract," which will require you to create a profile for your paper. Upon its completion,the corresponding author should also provide the required details about each of his/her co-authors on the “New Abstract” page (please note that the corresponding author does not have to be the first author).  After successful submission of the abstract, the sender will receive an automatically-generated notification e-mail. Please note that no changes can be made to the profile or abstract, once it is submitted. If changes are to be made, please contact us at :
NOTE 1: Please use Internet Explorer version 8.0 or the latest one, for browsing this website.
NOTE 2: In case you wish to submit your abstract, you need to download and install Java Runtime Environment application from here:Java Runtime Environment.zipJava Runtime  This is mandatory or else the site will not be operational.
Abstract format
To upload your abstract, simply copy and paste the required segments of the abstract (i.e., introduction, method, results and conclusion) into the corresponding fields in the abstract submission page. The (combined) length of an abstract must be between 400 to 600 words only. 
Abstract assessment
In assessing submissions to the 5th ICCS conference, the review committee will take into account the following criteria:
  •  Is the question or issue clearly stated?
  • Is the significance of the work clearly mentioned? Is relevant previous work appropriately cited?
  •  If relevant, are the method, data collection, and analysis procedures well-designed and appropriately applied?
  •  Is the conceptual framework coherent? If relevant, is the theoretical analysis well-argued?
  • Is the work original? Does it present new data (if relevant)?
  •  Is the work completed, or does it show very strong promise of being completed in time for the conference?
  • Are the conclusions justified in relation to the data and/or analyses?
  •  Is the abstract written clearly and organized well?
  •  Is the topic of scientific, methodological or theoretical importance?
  •  Is the paper timely in terms of current issues of interest to the field of Cognitive Science?
Peer review process
Abstracts are assessed based on the general guidelines of preparing abstracts, subject relevancy, and the criteria stated above.  Each abstract is assigned to three anonymous reviewers.  In case reviewers require further information about the submission, you will be asked to resubmit an extended version of the abstract with a word-count of 600 to 900.  Declining to resubmit the requested abstract within the specified deadline would result in the rejection of the submission.
Result announcement
Results, along with the type of presentation (oral or poster), will be announced by 23 February, 2013.
The 'Advances in Cognitive Science' - a quarterly publication, has agreed to publish a special issue exclusively with the full text of the articles related to those abstracts which would be of interest and approved by the Scientific Committee of the 5th International Conference of Cognitive Science and the Review Board of the journal. If the attendee consents to the same, the related article of the selected abstract will be published in full in this special edition and a fee will be charged to cover the review and publication process. For your kind information, the mentioned publication is indexed by 'PsycINFO', 'ISC', 'SID' and 'SIIC Databases'.
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